Ice in Paradise

Help us Create - Ice in Paradise!
The Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association (GSBISA) was formed to bring a
broad range of skating-related, organized activities to the Santa Barbara community. 
This skating facility will provide year-round recreational outlets for children, teens,
college students, adults and families, with a wide variety of affordable programs
including Learn to Skate, Ice Hockey, and Figure Skating, regular public sessions, special
events/parties, exhibitions, tournaments and competitions. 

Community Need
An Ice Skating Rink will serve a unique need in the community in a way no other facility
is now or could in the future. 
Santa Barbara County has a diverse community with a large number of youth, college
students, and families. Studies show that the area is deficient in recreational activities and
facilities. As a result, the children, young adults, college students, and families in the
greater Santa Barbara community have limited affordable options for daily, evening, and
weekend activities that promote positive wholesome values and reduce the potential for
involvement in illegal or inappropriate activities that are detrimental to themselves and to
the community. The rink will serve this need in a unique way, rain or shine, day and

We have the support of our community and its leaders. There is a very strong following
of skating and hockey enthusiasts in our community. There is an active roller-hockey
program for both adults and kids involving hundreds of people. Nearly all participants are
former or current ice hockey players who are absolutely thrilled with the prospect of the
GSBISA Ice Facility. Many of these players are so devoted to skating on ice, they
“commute” to the Oxnard ice rink facility.  The leaders of the roller programs all agree
that participation would be multiplied many times over in a real Ice Rink. 

Ice Rink Location
In 1997, the Camino Real Marketplace received governmental approval including
approval for development of a 44,000-sq. ft. ice rink next to Girsh Park. The developer,
Wynmark Co., has already installed infrastructure improvements including mains, site
grading, utility services and a parking lot. Additionally, GSBISA has received from
Wynmark Co. a charitable gift of the land which is valued at $1.33 million. 
In 2002, GSBISA hired the services of Canlan Ice Sports to complete a feasibility study.
Their conclusion was that a single ice sheet facility was viable as a non-profit entity. As a
result, local prominent architect, David Van Hoy, provided his services pro-bono and
completed a conceptual design for the project. Preliminary design work is poised to begin
as soon as sufficient donations are received.

Historic Perspective
The GSBISA board is well aware that 25 years ago, there was a rink in Santa Barbara
called the Ice Patch. This was a private rink that was not operated as a conventional
GSBISA Case for Support; Rev 2 3/20/05 2:40 PM
community ice skating facility. The expenses and non-conventional operation of the Ice
Patch often caused program fees to be too high to be accessible by the general public on a
sustained basis. It went through three owners, and the rink eventually failed, the owners
no longer willing to subsidize the operation. GSBISA is confident none of those failure
factors are possible in our Plan. The Canlan study confirms that our financial model as a
non-profit, coupled with a state-of-the-art facility that is cost-effective to operate, will be
financially viable.

Financial Information
The GSBISA was incorporated in 2003, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
Federal Tax ID # 45-0508885. 
The “Ice in Paradise” Capital Campaign was launched to secure funds to construct and
operate Santa Barbara County’s only state-of-the-art ice skating facility.  Construction
costs are estimated to be approximately $6.5 Million. Our funding and progress are well
underway, with $1.9M in contributions, and pledges of pro-bono work such as legal,
architectural, construction management.

Ice Rink Fundraising Campaign Progress
Infrastructure Built $500,000
Remaining funds needed for
Land Lease Donation $1.3 Million
$100,000 Pledge Received
Ice skating and hockey are great traditions that our community – especially our children –
deserve. Being a part of GSBISA project will reward donors with the lasting recognition
and sense of accomplishment of bringing these important traditions to our community,
and of creating something thousands of people in the community will benefit from for
years to come! 

Please consider a donation to GSBISA to make this dream of having an affordable
community Ice Rink facility in Santa Barbara a reality.

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